First Post!! :)

Recently, I’ve watched a chemistry slideshow. If you continue to read this, I’ll explain it for you .

Chemistry is the study of the properties and behaviors of matter. Obviously everything isn’t going to be as simple as this. It has to be broken down into smaller sections.

Matter is anything that has mass or occupies space. While energy is not matter, air is. The states of matter include solids, liquids, gasses, plasmas, Bose Enstien Condensation , and fermonic condensates. Of all of the states of matter, plasma is the most common form of them. Plasma can be found in the stars and in the space between them which makes up over 99% of the visible universe. Matter also has different types including pure substances and mixtures.

Pure substances have a fixed composition, one type of substance, and can not be separated by a physical process. They can be divided into two different categories, elements and compounds. Elements can not be broken down into a simpler substance. A few examples of elements are gold and oxygen. However, compounds can be separated into simpler substances. Examples of compounds include salt and water. On the other hand, compounds can be separated into simpler substances like a salt and water solution.

If you want to know about the rest of the slide show go watch it at


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