Light and Energy

1. Frequency = 49 Hz

2. Frequency = 11.5 Hz

3. Frequency = 78 Hz

4. Wavelength = 9.47×10^-1

5. B – 9.5×10^13 Hz

6. Gamma Rays, X-Rays

7. Characteristics of a wave are wavelength, frequency, amplitude, and speed. The speed of electromagnetic waves travel at 8.72×10^-2 m

8. A wave involves wavelength, frequency, amplitude, and speed. A particle model of light involves light reflection ect. Reflection can be explained by the particle model.

9. Quantum is the minimum amount of energy that can be gained or lost by an atom.

10. The atomic emission spectrum of an element is the set of frequencies of the electromagnetic waves emitted by atoms of the element. The spectrum of the white light is the combination of all colors.

11. Photoelectric effect are emitted from a metals surface when flight of a certain frequency shines on the surface. Photoelectric cells in these and many devices convert the energy of incident light into electrical energy.

12. A. Longest wavelength                 2. Infrared waves

B. Highest frequency                          3. Radio waves

C. Greatest energy                             1.Gamma rays

31. Chemists found Rutherford’s nuclear model laking because it did not begin to account for the differences in chemical behavior among the various elements.

32. One type of electromagnetic radiation is visible light from the sun.


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