Copper Chloride & Aluminum Lab

During this lab, we tested how much aluminum would need to be added to a solution of copper chloride to become balanced. On the fourth try, we had got the experiment correct.

Experiment One:

We added 20ml of water into a test tube. Then, we weighed out 2.02 grams of copper chloride and mixed it into the water. Once it was homogeneously mixed, we moved onto the aluminum. We weighed out 1.1 grams of aluminum foil and dropped it into the solution. Then, the aluminum began to react and break down due to the copper chloride. However, not all of it broke down. There was too much aluminum added to the solution for it all to get broke down.

Experiment Two:

The second time we ran this experiment went a lot like the first. There was 20ml of water and 2.04 grams of copper chloride. However, instead of adding the 1.1 grams of aluminum, we changed it to 0.5 grams of aluminum foil. Once again, the aluminum began to break down. However, also like the last time, there was more than enough aluminum to go around and the solution was still not clear.

Experiment Three:

Once again, we added 2.1 grams of copper chloride to 20ml of water. Then, we added 0.2 grams of aluminum to the solution. However, unlike the times before, we didn’t have too much aluminum. This time, we didn’t have enough. Our solution had turned more green than clear.

Experiment Four:

Finally, after mixing the 20ml of water with the 2.2 grams of copper chloride, we found out the magic weight of aluminum that we needed to add to balance the solution. When we added 0.3 grams of aluminum, the copper chloride the reaction began once more. However, this time was basically perfect. Once the solution had settled and the reaction had ended, we ended up with a pretty clear solution. This told us that we had finally managed to balance everything out.


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